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Could an old injury affect my current Honolulu accident claim?


Yes, a previous injury definitely can have an impact on your Honolulu accident claim. All Hawaii personal injury cases are unique, and the effect of your earlier injury on your present case will vary depending on your health history, the facts involving your injury, and the details about the recent auto accident.

To illustrate the point, if you had a back injury that occurred a long time ago – let’s say 15 years ago –  but the injury had completely healed and you hadn’t sought medical treatment for many years, it’s unlikely your prior injury would affect your new injury case. However, if you were currently suffering from chronic back issues and receiving ongoing treatment, this can impact your auto accident case if your back was injured in the crash.

Ultimately, if you are seeking compensation for an injury from a car wreck, you must prove that the wreck directly caused the injury and that it was someone else’s fault.

If you are suffering from a preexisting injury at the time of your Hawaii auto accident and are unsure as to your legal rights, contact our office for our free, no-obligation assessment.