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Should I Give a Recorded Statement to the Other Driver's Insurance Company after a Honolulu Car Wreck?


If you are injured in a Honolulu car wreck, it is never a good idea to give a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance company without consulting with a Hawaii personal injury lawyer first.  An experienced accident attorney understands the tactics and tricks that insurance companies use to try to confuse, intimidate and force you into making mistakes...mistakes that can lessen your ability to collect damages for your injuries and can even ruin your claim completely. 

When the other driver's insurance company gets you to give a recorded statement, their hope is that you will slip up and admit that you were partly to blame for the accident or that your injuries weren't too bad or that you had a prior injury that could be causing some of your pain.

Bottom line -- the insurance company representatives are not your friend and are not looking out for your best interests.  They're goal is to minimize the amount of money their company has to pay out for claims.

If you've been hurt in a wreck, contact our office to make sure your rights are protected.