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What should I do if I’m involved in a Honolulu auto accident?


Your first action when involved in an automobile accident is to do your best to stay calm and call the police.  It is critical to have an independent police report filed and witness information noted to provide crucial information.  It’s also important to:

  • Make sure you check for injuries (however, don’t move another injured person unless they are in further danger because of traffic or other potential issues).
  • Obtain prompt medical help and accept emergency care.
  • When an accident occurs, it is important to never admit fault.  If possible, take photographs of the damage to each vehicle involved.
  • Be sure to contact your own auto insurance company even if it’s not your fault, as they have a duty to investigate the accident. You may also be entitled to certain insurance benefits under your own policy.
  • Never provide a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company without consulting an experienced Hawaii personal injury lawyer first.

If you disagree about who caused the accident, or if you sustained permanent or long-lasting injuries and your medical expenses and wage loss will exceed $5,000, contact us for a free no-obligation case assessment. We will ensure your legal rights are protected.