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Injured while you were a tourist in or business visitor to the Hawaiian Islands?

If you were hurt or lost a loved one in an auto accident or suffered any other negligent injury while you were visiting Hawaii, it is important to know that time may be running out to effectively seek recovery for your damages or loss.

Although the statute of limitations in Hawaii is two years, every day that goes by can make it that much harder to build a successful case to prove liability and hold those responsible for your accident injury accountable. This can be especially true for the injured tourist who has no local representation in Hawaii.

To discuss your legal options for seeking fair compensation for an injury sustained while you were a tourist in or business visitor to the Hawaiian Islands, contact us today.

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At Trecker & Fritz, we stand up for injured tourists and visitors. As a Honolulu law firm, we understand Hawaii courts, and we will fight to protect your rights. As a national-caliber practice, we have the resources and experience to provide you with professional legal advice and cost-effective representation that we believe rivals the best in the country.

Over the past 25 years and more, we have handled many hundreds of cases on behalf of injured tourists from across the country and from nations around the world who needed an effective and respected Hawaii lawyer to fight for their interests and well-being.

We also have extensive experience in working with mainland attorneys and law firms already retained by injured tourists and visitors. To schedule a free consultation with an accomplished personal injury attorney, contact our offices in Honolulu today. After-hours appointments can be made available for mainland or foreign clients.