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Who Is Responsible For Your Hawaii Pool or Ocean Accident & Injury?

Each year, millions of people take advantage of Hawaii's multitude of resorts - with both residents and visitors alike swimming in the state's temperate waters and many pools. However, water accidents do happen - in hotel pools, while swimming on beaches, or while boating or jet skiing. But who is responsible for these accidents?

In some cases, the fault lies with the owner of the property - owners who ignore obvious dangers, don't repair problems, don't provide adequate supervision, or don't provide adequate security. While we have a responsibility to act reasonably while on someone else's property, they have a responsibility to keep their property reasonably safe for others. If they do not keep their property safe for others, they could be responsible for the injuries and accidents that follow. If you were injured because of an accident on a dangerous property, the manager or owner of that property could be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, ongoing medical care, and pain and suffering.

On Hawaii's many resorts, property owners must keep their visitors relatively safe. In a resort, this might mean having a lifeguard on duty during open pool hours, providing well-light areas for guests, regularly maintaining the property, and keeping pool areas safe from children. What kind of premises liability accidents could take place in hotels, ocean, and pool areas?

  • A toddler drowns in a hotel pool that was not properly gated and locked at night.
  • A woman falls down a flight of poorly lit stairs in a hotel dining room.
  • A teen dies in rough waters on an unsupervised beach with no posted warning signs.
  • A small girl is severely injured because of the suction on a resort pool drain.
  • A man slip and falls, injuring his spine, on a wet hotel lobby floor near a pool area.
  • A man goes into the ocean and suffers a broken neck from a wave and there were no warnings about the danger of the area

Many people live or vacation in Hawaii because they love the opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and enjoying the outdoors. No one has come to the islands with the thought that the place that they stay could hold dangers for their families.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Hawaii ocean or pool accident you should speak to a premises liability attorney immediately. Not only could you receive compensation for what you have gone through - you can also prevent your tragedy from happening to someone else. Schedule an appointment with Trecker & Fritz today and share your story.