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Trecker & Fritz Attorneys at Law

Referrals for Personal Injury and Civil Litigation Representation

At Trecker & Fritz, we have the extensive resources and impressive record of success to handle complex and high-stakes cases on behalf of clients in Hawaii, visitors from mainland United States, and tourists from countries around the world.

When we discuss taking over cases from other attorneys, we understand that our common goal is to see to it that our client is provided with the most effective representation we can offer. In most situations where we are asked to take over a case, there is no ill will whatsoever.

Clients have an absolute right to change counsel, and we welcome referrals from attorneys. To discuss changing your representation or to refer a client, contact our offices in Honolulu today.

Trecker & Fritz · Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers · Call us at 866.457.2861

Our firm is an excellent choice if you are seeking representation for a client or for yourself in a complex or high-profile case involving:

  • Chronic pain
  • Injured tourists and visitors to Hawaii
  • Birth injuries caused by Accutane or delivery room mistakes

Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling special cases. We develop the best possible case on your behalf through our access to impressive resources and a nationwide network of experts. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

In accordance with the legal principle of quantum meruit, fair reimbursement for legal services rendered is negotiable in all referral cases.