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How To Prevent Wrong Site Surgery In Hawaii Operating Rooms

There is perhaps no more shocking medical error than wrong site surgery. It is a tragically basic mistake: your surgeon operates on the wrong part of your body or even performs the wrong operation altogether. In recent years, one man has woken from anesthesia to find the wrong leg had been amputated, while another patient woke to find that his doctor had operated on the wrong side of his brain during a dangerous procedure. All in all, these types of medical malpractice cases take place each year around the country.

While wrong site surgeries are somewhat rare in comparison to other medical mistakes, they are absolutely unacceptable and are certainly an example of medical malpractice. Not only to patients undergo an unnecessary surgery, their original medical problem is also not addressed or fixed.

The majority of wrong site surgeries occur when a doctor operates on the wrong side of the body, but wrong site surgeries can also involve operating on the wrong finger or toe or operating on the wrong vertebrae.

What Can Hawaii Surgical Patients Do to Prevent Wrong Site & Wrong Side Surgeries?

  • Mark the right and wrong limb. It might sound ridiculous, but writing WRONG HAND on one hand before a wrist operation will guarantee that your doctor will not make a wrong side surgery mistake. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, ask your doctor to mark the correct site directly before surgery.
  • Talk with your medical team before your surgery. While being prepared for your operation, be sure to talk about the details of the operation with the team that will be working with you.
  • Ask if your hospital uses checklists. In recent years, a number of doctors and hospitals in Hawaii have began using safety checklists before and during operations to better prevent common medical mistakes and medical errors, such as wrong side surgery or leaving behind items in patients.
  • Ask if your hospital requires "time outs." Some Hawaii hospitals have their medical teams pause before a surgery to confirm patient details and overview the operation. This procedure significantly cuts down on surgical errors.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a wrong side surgery or wrong site surgery in Hawaii, you may be able to collect damages for what you have suffered. To learn more about your Hawaii medical malpractice lawsuit, contact a lawyer at Trecker & Fritz today.