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Talk to a Slip and Fall Lawyer About Your Premises Liability Case

Accidents happen, right? But at Trecker & Fritz our attorneys ask, "could this accident have been prevented?" While some accidents aren't anyone's fault, many other accidents would have never taken place if not for the negligence of a property hawaii slip and fall lawyerowner or property manager. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured on someone else's property, you should speak to an experienced Hawaii premises liability lawyer about the details of your case.

Some slip, trip, and fall cases aren't serious: you simply brush yourself off and go on your way. But other slip and fall accidents can end in serious injury, including head injuries, neck injuries, spine injuries, back injuries, or bone fractures. These injuries can lead to expensive medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability, and chronic pain. At Trecker  & Fritz, we take these slip and fall accidents seriously.

Not sure if you have a Hawaii slip and fall case? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Could the same accident have happened to another visitor or guest?
  • Did the property owners or management know about the dangerous condition that caused your accident?
  • Could visitors injure themselves in the future in the same way that you were injured?
  • Who was to blame for your slip and fall accident? Was more than one party to blame?

We Represent Visitors to Hawaii Who Are Injured During Their Vacation to the Islands

Each year, Hawaii welcomes millions of visitors - many of whom spend their time on the islands staying in resorts, going on tours, and sightseeing. Unfortunately, some hotels and touring companies do not provide a safe environment for their guests and accidents do happen. In some cases, accidents could have been prevented and the company owners were aware of dangerous conditions long before anyone was hurt. Often, these companies assume that injured customers will not sue because they are embarrassed or because the accident took place far away from home.

With offices in Honolulu and technology that enables us to hold video conferences around the world, our slip and fall attorneys can help you seek the compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. We represent personal injury clients in Hawaii as well as those in other states and other countries.

Slip and fall accidents and premises liability accidents can take many forms:

  • Accidents that occur in your hotel or resort.
  • Accidents that occur during guided tours or sightseeing trips.
  • Accidents that occur in pools, on waterslides, or in other bodies of water.
  • Accidents that occur in shopping malls, stores, or parking garages.
  • Accidents that involve dangerous conditions or unmaintained conditions.
  • Accidents involving rented recreational equipment, such as surfboards or water skis.

Contact Us Today to Receive an Assessment of Your Hawaii Injury Case

Some people feel embarrassment about their slip and fall injury - embarrassment that prevents them from seeking compensation. But remember, if your accident was the result of a dangerous property, your injury was not your fault. You have an opportunity to seek damages for your accident and prevent a similar accident from happening to someone else. Learn more about your Hawaii slip and fall case by talking to one of our premises liability attorneys today. Set up an appointment by calling us toll-free at (800) 937-9300 or by filling out the electronic contact form on this page.