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Be aware of the dangers involved with electric scooters

An electric scooter is a great way to get around and see the sights. Unfortunately, this convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation has several potential dangers for both riders and pedestrians.

The growing popularity of e-scooters has led to a growing number of accidents. Here are some safety issues with e-scooters that you should be aware of.

Distracted riding can result in a collision or fall

Just like a distraction while driving, distraction while riding an e-scooter causes riders to lose focus on the road ahead. A distracted rider could collide with a vehicle or a pedestrian. Also, they could easily lose their balance and fall at a high speed.

Scooters are almost silent

Pedestrians are unlikely to hear a scooter approaching from behind or be aware of an e-scooter in close proximity until they see it. Riders must always remember that people may not have any warning of an e-scooter heading in their direction.

Higher speeds mean a higher risk of accident

Riding at an accelerated speed can be perilous, so riders should be very cautious in high-traffic areas. Also, any type of object or unevenness of a roadway can make riding fast a lot more unsafe.

Many riders are inexperienced

E-scooters are relatively new, and some people who you see on them may be riding for the first time. User error is a major cause of accidents on the road.

Be conscientious about safety both as a rider and a pedestrian. Extra caution and vigilance can help prevent accidents.