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Injured At A Store?

Accidents Don’t Just Happen

The attorneys at Trecker Fritz & Williams, Attorneys at Law, hold property owners accountable when their negligence and inattentiveness result in serious injuries.

Asking The Important Questions

Whether you were injured while staying at a hotel, shopping at a store, swimming in a pool or ziplining high in the air, you may wonder if you have a valid case. Important questions must be asked that include:

  • Is there more than one person or company at fault?
  • Was the property owner(s) aware of the hazards?
  • Could similar accidents have happened at the time of the accident or occur in the future?

Answering “yes” to any of those questions means that you should be pursuing compensation for the injuries you or a loved one suffered.

Our law firm serves all of Hawaii from our office in Kauai.

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Highly Recommended And Helpful

“When my wife was improperly treated by a doctor and suffered devastating injuries, we needed someone with experience and skill. They were creative, intelligent and highly professional in obtaining a very good result for us.”

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What you want to know BEFORE you hire a lawyer


A Proven Record Of Accomplishments

We waste no time to launch an on-site investigation into all the factors surrounding your slip-and-fall accident. We attend to every detail in reviewing the evidence and securing witness statements.

Our track record of success speaks for itself. Whether we pursue mediation or litigation, we will fight the compensation you deserve.

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