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A wrong diagnosis could have significant consequences

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

When a patient goes to a Hawaii doctor or visits an emergency room for treatment, it is with the expectation that he or she will get the care necessary to address the specific medical issues at hand. However, doctors are not always correct, and sometimes, they can cause innocent patients to suffer. When doctors do not give the proper diagnosis, the results can be deadly.

Improper, delayed or missed diagnosis is one of the most common types of medical malpractice. When patients do not get the right type of care they need, it can result in additional pain and continued suffering, or perhaps lead to his or her death. When this happens, it could be grounds for a civil claim against the responsible medical professional.

How can a patient know if he or she has a case? 

If you believe that you have grounds for a medical malpractice claim, you may be wondering how to know for sure and what you should do next. If you went to a doctor and did not get the right diagnosis immediately, that does not necessarily mean you should seek compensation through a civil claim. However, if your disease progressed, your suffering increased and you experienced additional health complications because of a missed or wrong diagnosis, you could have a case. 

Medical malpractice claims can be complex. If you are considering moving forward with this specific type of claim, it may be helpful for you to consider the following before you move forward: 

  • It may also be appropriate for patients to seek compensation if a doctor, because of an inaccurate diagnosis, treated them for a condition that they do not actually have.
  • One of the most common ways for doctors to misdiagnose a patient is by dismissing symptoms and side effects that may seem minor or unrelated.
  • Medical negligence can also occur when a doctor has the right diagnosis, yet does not prescribe effective, proved treatments.

Civil claims that arise out of various forms of medical malpractice can be complex, and you would be prudent not to walk through this process on your own. When you have an experienced, knowledgeable legal ally by your side, you will have a higher chance of successfully holding the appropriate parties accountable, and getting the compensation you deserve. A smart way to initiate your claim may be to seek an explanation of your legal options.