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Protecting The Rights Of Injured Policyholders

Insurance companies have an obligation to protect their policyholders by paying damages covered by your insurance policy. Unfortunately, many insurers do not want to adhere to their word. They will try to do everything they can to avoid paying you, even if it means acting in bad faith.

At Trecker Fritz & Williams, Attorneys at Law, we have stood up to some of the nation’s most powerful insurance providers to protect our clients’ rights. Based in Honolulu, we represent clients throughout Hawaii and we take on insurers throughout the U.S. We receive many clients as referrals from previous clients who are satisfied with our service or other attorneys who know of our positive reputation.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Under state and federal laws, insurance providers owe certain duties to their policyholders. Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance provider refuses to pay a valid claim, delays a claim for an unreasonable amount of time or refuses to indemnify the plaintiff in an action against a policyholder. In our practice, we have seen insurance firms go to despicable lengths in their efforts to pinch pennies and deny claims. We have seen insurers blame injury survivors for their own accidents, withhold insurance coverage for claimants who desperately need medical care, and try to minimize the damages caused by serious fires.

Handling Insurance Claims As Well As Injury Claims

Against such odds, you need lawyers who have the capability to advocate for your rights. As experienced personal injury attorneys, we can assist you not only with your insurance bad faith claim but with your personal injury claim. You should not have to go through this difficult, complex situation alone. We will help you recover your insurance coverage plus maximum compensation.

Talk To An Attorney About Your Insurance Troubles

If you purchased an insurance policy and your provider is refusing to hold up their end of the contract, contact Trecker Fritz & Williams, Attorneys at Law. Our insurance lawyers are prepared to fight assertively for you. Call us at 808-797-3363 or send us an email to request an initial consultation about your options.