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Don’t Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer Without Reading Client Testimonials First!

Do you want to know what your experience working with Trecker Fritz & Williams will be like? Read about what past clients have to say about our experience, professionalism and understanding. Want to know whether or not we get results? Visit our case results page for examples of past settlements and rulings.

Words From Our Clients

♦ “Both my wife and I have doctorates. I work with the Department of Defense. When my wife was improperly treated by a doctor and suffered devastating injuries, we needed someone with experience and skill to help us pursue our claim. I went to my son who is a lawyer who represents doctors in malpractice cases. He recommended Trecker Fritz & Williams. They were creative, intelligent and highly professional in obtaining a very good result for us.”

♦ “I could never begin to fully express my gratitude and appreciation for all to your countless hours of hard work on my case. The fact that I do not lay awake in the middle of the night, worrying about this after all these years, I could not begin to put a pricetag on this freedom. Aside from all of the obvious lawyerishy things you did to bring this to a successful end (for me) the time you took with us on the phone, explaining things in such a kind, compassionate way was also so appreciated. I do believe that someday you will get a case to the 9th circuit court and fix this mess that HMSA has unfortunately been allowed to create. While part of me does wish it could have been my case to affect that eventual change, I am also so relieved this is finally, really, done. For that, I thank you! I do hope that you will let us know if you are ever in Waimea and can spare a few minutes, we would love to meet you and take you to lunch or at least coffee!”

♦ “Aloha no Marty, Just a note say thank you for all you did to help me. You were kind, smart and made me feel important. You are very appreciated. God bless you and your ohana.”

♦ “The car I was riding in got broadsided, and I was badly hurt. At the time of the accident, I was making great money as a mechanic. After the surgery, I couldn’t do the lifting required of a mechanic. Trecker Fritz & Williams fought the insurance company and helped me obtain a result that I thought fairly reflected my injuries, limitations and future loss of earnings. I will never be able to make as much in any other job.”

♦ “My wife and I are professionals. Our infant child was catastrophically injured by a medical error. Other lawyers turned our case down as being too difficult. The lawyers at Trecker Fritz & Williams obtained a recovery that has totally changed our lives and that of our family, allowing us to rest assured that our child will be taken care of in the future.”

♦ “Thank you for all the hard work and determination to work our case…You and your staff have been wonderful to us. We are so very grateful to have you and all that you have done. We appreciate all of you!”

♦ “I appreciate you guiding me on this difficult journey. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and guidance.”

♦ “Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve done over the years working on my case. My family and I appreciate everything that you have done for us.”

♦ “We truly appreciate all that you folks have done for us…We are truly grateful!”