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What to do if you have been injured while on vacation in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

People would much rather think of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii than the potential risks associated with vacationing on them.

In reality, visitors to Hawaii are frequently injured. Follow the steps below if you sustain an injury while visiting one of the beautiful islands.

Call for help

If you or your loved one sustain an injury in an accident, call 911 immediately. Any future claims will require documentation, so a police report could be key. Further, you will receive the medical attention you need. Inform the medical professionals that you sustained injuries in an accident and follow their medical advice.

Collect documentation

Gather the names and contact information of anyone involved in the incident. Take photographs and document any injuries incurred.

Contact your insurance company

Regardless of the type of accident you had, let the relevant insurance company know about the event. Contact your health or car insurance company to discuss a potential claim and the circumstances surrounding your injury.

Hold off on accepting a settlement

Some business owners or insurance providers address victims of accidents quickly after the occurrence to make a settlement offer. Since you may not yet know the full extent of your ailment and how it will impact your daily life, you should decline any monetary payment at this time. Before accepting any compensation, consider consulting an attorney.

Sustaining an injury while vacationing can not only ruin your trip but can also significantly impact your life if the harm caused is significant. Take care of your health and then remain calm as you navigate the insurance and legal systems.