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What tricks do insurance companies use to not pay out claims?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2023 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses. Their primary goal is to maximize earnings and stockholder dividends.

Therefore, they can play tricks to deny your claim or avoid paying it out. These are some tactics they use.

Acting caring

After your initial claim, you may receive consistent phone calls from your insurance company. They may state that they want to check your progress or make sure you are alright. They may draw you into conversations about your treatment. However, their primary goal is often to get you to open up and share something that they can use to deny your claim. You may admit that you have not followed your doctor’s treatment suggestions, allowing them to get out of paying your claim.

Offer settlements

If your claim is rock solid, your insurance company may also offer you a quick settlement. Unfortunately, these offers rarely cover your medical treatment, especially if you have injuries that require long-term care. This trick can be especially devastating because the quick settlement may help in the short term, but these quick offers should throw up red flags.

Drawing out the process

You may not hear from your insurance company for long periods of time. When you do hear from them, they may confuse you with legal jargon or tell you that the process is a long one. However, their goal is to get you to settle or give up on what they owe you. They may wait so long that you experience bill collector harassment or lawsuits.

To get the best result, avoid speaking with insurance companies and get help reviewing any settlement offers.