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Trecker Fritz and Williams has extensive experience in successfully resolving premises and crash cases including severe fire injuries. Attorney Marty Fritz was named the top Plaintiff’s Personal injury Lawyer in Hawaii for 2017 by the highly selective, peer reviewed “Best Lawyers in America.” Attorney Allen Williams spent a number of years investigating accidents with the Honolulu Police Department before becoming an attorney. He remains a pre-eminent aviation accident and automobile crash expert lawyer.

Fire accidents typically occur when a fire erupts (often from faulty electrical equipment or wiring) or an existing fire gets out of control. Fires can be extremely dangerous especially in environments where the can spread quickly. Since the 1970’s , at least, mandatory sprinkler systems have been required in many jurisdictions. Unfortunately, In Honolulu, Hawaii although sprinklers are required in new buildings, a variety of factors including the unwillingness of policymakers been unwilling to mandate sprinkler systems in older buildings which are often the most vulnerable to dangerous fires.

The Recent Marco Polo Fire

This accident is a case in point. Representatives of the Fire Department tried for years to convince the political bodies to require retrofitting sprinkler systems without success in large part because of opposition from the real estate industry and condominium boards because of cost. Clearly, the experts have opined after the Marco Polo disaster that sprinklers would have probably stopped this tragic fire in its tracks.

As far as who can be held liable for fire accidents– typically the building and individual units owners may be held responsible. This always depends on the specific facts of the fire. Often, the association of apartment owners or the individual owners have some insurance coverage. Sometimes architects, manufacturers and/or builders may also be responsible.

You should talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one are seriously injured in a fire. There may be significant costs in determining who is at fault which most experienced lawyers like Trecker Fritz and Williams would provide. Sometimes a fire expert needs to be retained. Of course, if you need to go to court the lawyer can represent you. Our burn attorneys never hesitate to visit burn or explosion victims in the hospital or wherever they are.

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