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When can you hold hotel owners responsible for an injury claim?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Hotel owners shoulder a significant responsibility for maintaining a safe and secure environment for guests and visitors. Many risks and safety hazards exist on hotel premises. The more you understand about these risks, the easier it is to determine liability.

There are several areas where hotel owners face liability after an injury or accident.

Inadequate security

Guest safety depends on adequate property security. Hotels need effective security measures, including surveillance cameras, secure access control and properly trained staff members. Lax security that creates a safety hazard can create a liability for the hotel.

Slip and trip hazards

Hotel owners should inspect the property routinely to spot any potential trip hazards. Some of the most common hazards include cords, wires and uneven or peeling flooring. Trip and fall accidents resulting from neglected hazards leave the hotel liable for a claim.

In addition, wet floors create a slip hazard, particularly in entryways, kitchen areas and swimming pool spaces. Hotel owners must maintain non-slip measures, mitigation and proper signage for safety.

Emergency rooms treated 7 million people for slip and fall injuries in 2021, showcasing the significant risk associated with this hazard.

Loose fixtures

Handrails, beams and lighting fixtures create a safety hazard without proper maintenance. Loose fixtures such as these can put guests at risk of injuries and the hotel at risk of liability.

When hotel owners fail to live up to their obligations for safety and security, injured parties can hold them responsible. If your injury resulted from neglect such as those mentioned here, you might have a claim.